Event Schedule

Laurie Hernandez @ M&M Gymnastics, Sunday, May 21

16760 W Victor Rd, New Berlin, WI 53151

Each fundraiser may bring up to 2 parents to the event.  Each fundraiser may bring ONE ITEM to be autographed by Laurie.

Final fundraising totals. Experiences you’ve won and incentives won will be added to the event schedule below by Thursday, May 17.  PLEASE CHECK BACK

Below is an outline for the event day on May 20. Please arrive 30 minutes early to your first activity to check in. Everyone who raised at least $500 will receive an event poster at check in. Everyone raising $125 will receive an event wristband.

If you earned an extra guest, the extra guest will receive all incentives up to the $500 level, can attend and watch the event, will meet Laurie for pictures and an autograph but will not participate in clinics.

The following people have won an extra guest as of May 18, 2017: lilly sidello, Gabby Gilbertson, Ashley Pudwell, Nicole Wardlow, Aya VanIreland, Michelle Tontis, Zhana Guenther, Caitlin Schuk, Carlie Tesch, Peyton Senn, Abby Ashenberg

Your name will appear under all contests that you have won. If you have any questions, please use the Contact tab.


8:50 am-Ambassadors for Laurie Hernandez!   Akeelah Dieter, Taylor Jacobson

8:55 am-Power up with Laurie!   Aliyah Reed-Hammon. Aya VanIreland, Addison Fura, Mackenzie Anderson, Caitlin Schuk

9:10 am-VIP Meet & Greet with Laurie.   Ella Lindner, Hannah Frahm, Kaitlyn Huebner, Callan Wichgers, Gabby Gilbertson, Michelle Tontis, lilly sidello

9:25 am-Rio Round Table with Laurie for all fundraisers raising $3,000: lilly sidello, Gabby Gilbertson, Nicole Wardlow, Ashley Pudwell

9:35 am-The following people will meet Laurie and receive her book, I Got This.  Laurie will autograph her book for you!   Hannah Frahm (Video), Michelle Tontis (Video), Callan Wichgers, Julia McRae, Avery Kurtz

9:45 am-5 private minutes:  Jadyn Coughlin, Abby Austin, Zhana Guenther

Rheannon Stark, Sydney Pacioni (share 5 minutes)

10:05 am-clinic for all gymnasts who raised $125 or more!

11:10 am-Perform routine for Laurie: Zawadi Wainaina, lilly sidello, Sam Burge, Ashley Pudwell, Morgan Vette, Aya VanIreland

11:25: Meet with Laurie and Wanda-Ashley Pudwell

11:35 am-Pictures & Autographs with Laurie!  Each fundraiser may bring any ONE item to be autographed and pose for one photo.  Parents please bring your camera to take a picture while your fundraiser is meeting Laurie!

12:20 pm-Q&A with Laurie!  Certificates of fundraising excellence, Selfie winners, post card winners, mystery envelope winners, snap chat winners given out during the Q&A,  We will select up to 12 questions to be asked to Laurie by fundraisers

CERTIFICATE WINNERS as of May 18, 2017:   lilly sidello, Gabby Gilbertson, Ashley Pudwell, Nicole Wardlow, Aya VanIreland, Michelle Tontis, Zhana Guenther, Caitlin Schuk, Carlie Tesch, Peyton Senn, Abby Ashenberg, Jadyn Coughlin

SELFIE WINNERS: Caitlin Schuk, Julia McRae, lilly sidello, Gabby Gilbertson, Michelle Tontis

POST CARDS FROM LAURIE: Mackenzie Anderson


POST CARD WINNERS:  Abby Austin, Addison Batchelor, Abby Ashenberg, Peyton Senn, Emily Cicero, Ashley Pudwell, Carlie Tesch, Ella Lindner, Julia McRae, Michelle Tontis, Bryn Schafer, Alexis Runyon, Caitlin Schuk

SNAP CHAT:  Ella Lindner, Aya VanIreland, Caitlin Schuk, Michelle Tontis

HAND STAND WINNERS:  Sydney Pacioni, Rheannon Stark, Abby Ashenberg, Zhana Guenther, Mackenzie Anderson, Paige Gatz, Ashley Pudwell, Michelle Tontis, Nicole Wardlow, Peyton Senn, Julia McRae, Gabby Gilbertson, Addison Batchelor

Immediately following the Q&A we will DANCE WITH LAURIE!   Siena Fulford, lilly sidello, Reese Heinrich, Emily Cicero, Corinne Wurster, Julia McRae, Alana Mainville, Ella Lindner, Alexis Mainville

12:45 pm-The TOP 30 overall fundraisers attend a private clinic with Laurie.  Check this website under TOP 30 for a list of winners!

1:30 pm-Lunch with Laurie-The top 10 overall fundraisers and 2 parents attend lunch with Laurie.  Any extra guests attending will sit at the parents table.  Only the top 10 fundraisers will sit at the head table with Laurie.

  • lilly sidello: $5000.00
  • Nicole Wardlow: $3974.00
  • Ashley Pudwell: $3701.00
  • Gabby Gilbertson: $3300.00
  • Michelle Tontis: $3005.00
  • Zhana Guenther: $2575.00
  • Aya VanIreland: $2462.00
  • Peyton Senn: $2455.00
  • Caitlin Schuk: $2270.00
  • Carlie Tesch: $2262.00

1:50 pm-Official event photo for those raising $5,000 or more- lilly sidello

1:50 pm-Event ends

Register TODAY and raise $250 to spend a day with Laurie Hernandez at M & M Gymnastics on Sunday, May 21! Register here